Balance Tree


Starlight Wrath Starlight Wrath

5 points: Reduces the cast time of your Wrath and Starfire spells by 0.5 sec.

  • Lower cast time equals higher DPS and less likely to be interrupted.
    • Solo Utility: The two main damage spells a balance druid uses are Wrath and Starfire. This talent makes both of them shorter, effectively speeding up the time it takes to down a mob.
    • Raid Utility: Nothing special apart from DPS increase. This means more chances to crit, and more chances to have an ability proc.
    • PVP Utility: Nothing special; in PvP the faster casting time is even more important so you can down players as fast as possible.
  • Bottom Line: If you are planning on a nuke-focused build (such as a full-out Moonkin), this is a must-have talent.

Genesis Genesis

5 points: Increases the damage and healing done by your periodic damage and healing effects by 5%.

  • Restoration: The majority of Druid healing is periodic. This is the best talent for Restoration Druids to take on their way down the tree to Moonglow and Nature’s Splendor.
    • Overall Utility: Nothing special apart from DPS increase.
  • Bottom Line: Useful for Restoration Druid’s to reach the next tier of the Balance tree. For Balance, unless you rely a lot on Moonfire and Insect Swarm the DPS gain is small and there are better places to spend the points.

Moonglow Moonglow

Requires 5 points in Balance Talents
3 points: Reduces the Mana cost of your Moonfire, Starfire, Starfall, Wrath, Healing Touch, Regrowth and Rejuvenation spells by 9%.

  • Restoration: This should be the next 3 points spent in the Balance tree followed by Nature’s Majesty to achieve the next Balance tier for Restoration Druids. The only other choice is Improved Moonfire, which is useless for a Resto Druid.
    • Solo Utility: This is mostly a grinding efficiency boost. This effects all the main spells you will be using solo, which will keep you from having to stop and drink so often.
    • Raid Utility: Fantastic. Raid encounters usually are drawn out, very mana-intensive affairs, so a talent that helps mana efficiency is critical whether nuking or healing.
    • PvP Utility: Mana efficiency isn’t that important in PvP, but it’s still useful, get it if you want it.
  • Bottom Line: A must have. Can greatly help a Boomkin or a healer.

Focused Starlight Nature’s Majesty

Requires 5 points in Balance Talents
2 points: Increases the critical strike chance of your Wrath, Starfire, Starfall, Nourish, and Healing Touch spells by 4%.

  • It’s a cheap way to up DPS considerably, and is a pre-req for (and increases the proc rate of) Nature’s Grace.
    • Solo Utility: Nothing special besides the DPS boost and use as a pre-req.
    • Raid Utility: Nothing special besides the DPS boost and use as a pre-req.
    • PvP Utility: Crits make the damage spiky and less predictable, which is always a good thing in PvP.
  • Bottom Line: Mostly useful just to unlock Nature’s Grace for a Balance Druid, or Nature’s Splendor for a Restoration Druid. The actual effect of this talent is most beneficial for Balance in PvP.

Improved Moonfire Improved Moonfire

Requires 5 points in Balance Talents
2 points: Increases the damage and critical strike chance of your Moonfire spell by 10%.

  • This is a strong upgrade to the already-useful Moonfire spell.
    • Solo Utility: Nothing special besides the DPS boost.
    • Raid Utility: Nothing special besides the DPS boost. A very nice damage increase especially when used in conjunction with the Glyph of Moonfire & Glyph of Starfire
    • PvP Utility: Awesome. Balance-spec druids do spam Moonfire sometimes, for example, to chase someone down while finishing them off. And the crit bonus nicely makes the spell even burstier. Also, with the extra crit, moonfire can be used to force a Nature’s Grace proc, to get a fast spell cast in the heat of battle.
  • Bottom Line: PvP balance druids will definitely want this. Others will also want this, but I would recommend waiting until you have a few spare points at the end of your build to throw them in here.

Brambles Brambles

Requires 10 points in Balance Talents
3 points: Increases damage caused by your Thorns and Entangling Roots spells by 75% and damage done by your treants by 15%. In addition, damage from your Treants and attacks done to you while you have Barksin active have a 15% chance to daze the target for 3 sec.

  • How much of your DPS really comes from roots and Thorns? That’s right: not much at all.
    • Solo Utility: You’ll be rooting a lot, pretty much at the start of every pull. The damage increase is useful to move down the tree, increase the damage of a spell you’ll use every pull, and considerably increase the damage to your Treants which should be used whenever you get adds. The thorns buff isn’t very useful however since you shouldn’t be getting hit that much.
    • Raid Utility: Not useful. Even with tank aggro multipliers, the aggro gained is minimal, and the boost from this talent is as well. You most likely won’t be rooting too much, even though you can use it inside now.
    • PvP Utility: Against a couple rogues or other duel-wielders with fast attack rates, this talent actually does decent damage over the course of the fight, but it’s still pretty situational. The Treants also do a good amount more damage, and when coupled with a daze, its a very nice talent to have for PvP.
  • Bottom Line: Up to you, there are pros and cons to it, may be better places to put the points depending on your play style.

Nature's Grace Nature’s Grace

Requires 10 points in Balance Talents
3 points: All spell crits have a 100% chance to grace you with a blessing of nature, reducing the casting time of your next spell by 0.5 sec.

  • Note: Due to Global Cooldown this talent sometimes actually hurts your ability to cast wrath, making the spell cast faster than the cooldown is up.
    • Solo Utility: Decent when using starfire, but normally you don’t need another 0.5 secs off Wrath if you took the Starlight Wrath talent.
    • Raid Utility: Better, since you’ll be using starfire a lot more while raiding than when soloing.
    • PVP Utility: Useful every once in a while to get a really fast cast off.
  • Bottom Line: For 3 points, this is an OK talent. Most beneficial when raiding and spamming starfire. It occasionally messes up your spell rotation when using wrath, so depending on whether you use wrath or starfire more, you may or may not want to invest any points in this. At the very least, I suggest putting one point in this, since 33% chance is better than no chance, and it’s only one point.

Nature's Splendor Nature’s Splendor

Requires 10 points in Balance Talents
1 point: Increases the duration of your Moonfire and Rejuvenation spells by 3 sec, your Regrowth spell by 6 sec, and your Insect Swarm and Lifebloom spells by 2sec.

  • Restoration:Extremely useful for Restoration Druids. Lengthens the time of some of your HoTs, meaning more healing and less casting for more mana efficiency.
    • Solo Utility: Pretty useless. Normally you’ll kill most mobs either before or shortly after your DoTs run out, making the extra tick time a waste of talent points.
    • Raid Utility: Makes your DoTs last longer. This in theory means less time casting DoTs and more time casting direct damage spells like wrath or starfire. With the right spell rotation and spell haste, it’s possible that this could increase your DPS, however more research needs to be done to verify this.
    • PvP Utility: Could be useful depending on your playstyle. If you tag several people with Moonfire and/or Insect Swarm this could be worth it since it will last longer on your target(s) and deal out more damage.
  • Bottom Line: Forget about it for soloing, pick it up for PvP, and try to do your own research on its effectiveness in raiding. (Restoration druids definitely pick up. Probably one of the best Restoration talents in this tree).

Nature's Reach Nature’s Reach

Requires 10 points in Balance Talents
2 points: Increases the range of your Balance spells and Faerie Fire (Feral) ability by 20%, and reduces threat generated by your Balance spells by 30%.

  • Feral: An OK talent if you need a longer Faerie Fire range, however you will waste at least 5 talent points in the 2nd tier of Balance on the way to get this. Not worth it.
    • Solo Utility: Increases your survivability because it allows you to hit mobs from farther away. This gives you more time to hit them before they hit you. It also allows you to hit a mob that is running before they pull other mobs.
    • Raid Utility: Extremely useful. Many mobs have ranged attacks on non-aggro targets, or AOEs. If they can be out-ranged at all, this talent usually lets you cast from outside that range. Also the threat reduction on this talent makes it a must have for raiding.
    • PvP Utility: Similar to soloing–use it to catch that pesky flag carrier.
  • Bottom Line: A must have if going balance.

Vengeance Vengeance

Requires 15 points in Balance Talents
5 points: Increases the critical strike damage bonus of your Starfire, Moonfire, and Wrath spells by 100%.

  • This makes crits do double-damage. It’s a significant overall DPS boost.
    • Solo Utility: Nothing special apart from the flat DPS boost.
    • Raid Utility: Nothing special apart from the flat DPS boost.
    • PvP Utility: Makes your attacks far burstier if you’re going to be nuking. Bursty damage is very good in PvP.
  • Bottom Line: If you’re this deeply invested in Balance, it’s a very worthwhile talent to have.

Celestial Focus Celestial Focus

Requires 15 points in Balance Talents
3 points: Gives your Starfire spell a 15% chance to stun the target for 3 sec and increases your total spell haste by 3%

  • The stun is nice but will proc infrequently due to the low rate and the fact that Starfire is not a primary spell for Soloing or PVP. 3% haste will make the new casting time of 1.5 sec Wrath 1.4631 sec without any other haste included.
    • Solo Utility: The stun is not terribly reliable, although it does make a good opening attack. Haste is ok for speeding up killing.
    • Raid Utility: Situationally useful at best. While most mobs in 5 mans are stunnable, as well as much of the trash in raids, the stun procs so infrequently that it is not reliable. However, starfire will probably be your primary damage spell, so the stun should occur a bit more frequently for you. The haste is probably the best thing about this talent if you want a faster spell rotation.
    • PvP Utility: Moderately useful for a PvP focused balance druid. Any kind of stun is handy in PvP. It cannot be relied on, but it might buy you time to cast another Starfire or a heal. No longer affects Starfall as of patch 3.0.8.
  • Bottom Line: Not so great for soloing unless you want the extra haste (you shouldn’t need it). The stun is slightly more useful in raids since you’ll most likely be using starfire more, and in pvp where stuns are most useful, but again, the haste would be the main reason for getting this talent.

Lunar Guidance Lunar Guidance

Requires 20 points in Balance Talents
3 points: Increases your spell power by 12% of your total Intellect.

  • Scales nicely with gear, gives you another source of much-needed +dmg, this is a great addition to a casting Druid’s repertoire.
    • Solo Utility: A Flat DPS boost but nothing special.
    • Raid Utility: A Flat DPS boost but nothing special.
    • PVP Utility: A Flat DPS boost but nothing special.
  • Bottom Line: More DPS = good. A must have talent for balance spec druids, you should have a ton of Intellect laying around anyway.

Insect Swarm Insect Swarm

Requires 10 points in Balance Talents
1 point: 8% of base mana, 30 yd range, instant cast. The enemy target is swarmed by insects, decreasing their chance to hit by 3% and causing 1290 damage over 12 sec.

    • Solo Utility: A very mana-efficient DoT to dump on a mob that will also increase the damage done by wrath if you take the Improved Insect Swarm talent. This spell does about the same damage if not more than moonfire, with the added bonus of extra wrath damage.
    • Raid Utility: Somewhat useful because it helps the tanks’ damage mitigation, however the less hit a tank receive the less rage he/she generates. The use of Glyph of Insect Swarm will increase the damage it deals while taking away the hit chance reduction which is arguably better for a tank.
    • PvP Utility: Another cheap and effective source of damage.
  • Bottom Line: A decent debuff that’s good for both PvE and PvP. Most useful when raiding since it has time to tick. If used when soloing/PvP it’s recommended that you invest at least a point or two in the Improved Insect Swarm talent.

Insect Swarm Improved Insect Swarm

Requires 10 points in Balance Talents
Requires 1 point in Insect Swarm
3 points: Increases your damage done by Wrath spell to targets afflicted by your Insect Swarm by 3%, and increases the crit strike chance of your Starfire spell by 3% on targets afflicted by your Moonfire spell.

    • Solo Utility: Very nice “buff” to the already pretty powerful Insect Swarm. Increases damage with your most used spell, Wrath, while dealing its DoT that it would anyway if you didn’t get this talent.
    • Raid Utility: Same as soloing, increases damage from Wrath, and especially good when raiding since it will help with Eclipse, increasing your Starfire crit chance, and doing even more damage from Eclipse when you switch to Wrath.
    • PvP Utility: Pretty good, nothing too special besides the added DPS.
  • Bottom Line: If you decide to take the Insect Swarm talent, this is a must have.
  • 2nd Opinion: 3% Damage from Wrath isn’t very noticeable until higher levels, however the extra Starfire crit is very helpful, especially if you decide to take other talents which improve your crit rating with Starfire.

Dreamstate Dreamstate

Requires 25 points in Balance Talents
3 points: Regenerates mana equal to 10% of your Intellect every 5 sec, even while casting.

  • Also known as MP5, in-combat mana regen is very powerful for caster classes. This one talent usually yields around 35 mana/5(at 70).
    • Solo Utility: When soloing, this talent isn’t very important, because you can stop and drink whenever you want. To increase efficiency however, this a good way to do it.
    • Raid Utility: Absolutely essential. Long drawn-out fights demand good mana regen.
    • PvP Utility: PvP tends to be burstier and normally offers plenty of opportunities to drink. Can safely be skipped.
  • Bottom Line: Raiding Moonkin consider this a must have. Soloing is a personal choice; you may be able to squeeze out more damage without this talent, but you also may have to stop and drink more often. For PvP it’s pretty much worthless.

Moonfury Moonfury

Requires 25 points in Balance Talents
3 points: Increases the damage done by your Starfire, Moonfire and Wrath spells by 10%.

  • This is a flat DPS improvement to all of your most common spells.
    • Solo Utility: Nothing special.
    • Raid Utility: Nothing special.
    • PVP Utility: Nothing special.
  • Bottom Line: Highly recommended.

Balance of Power Balance of Power

Requires 25 points in Balance Talents
2 points: Increases your chance to hit with all spells and reduces the chance you’ll be hit by spells by 4%

    • Solo Utility: Useless against lower-level mobs, and since normally you won’t be soloing anything more than 3 levels above you, this talent pretty much useless.
    • Raid Utility: Absolutely essential. The mobs in raids are same or higher-level all the time. That chance to hit is effectively a flat DPS upgrade.
    • PvP Utility: Very situational; helps against resists when your opponent is a caster, and nothing is worse than being down to the wire and dying because the opponent resisted the last nuke or root. However, in level 70 PvP, the base spell chance to hit is 96%, and the improvement cap is 99% (you cannot have a 100% chance to hit with spells). Additionally, the 4% hit reduction only affects spells; melee attacks against you are unaffected. Therefore, anything more than +3% to spell hit is a waste. A meager 38 points in +spell hit gear (12.6 points per 1% at 70) is sufficient to pass on this talent.
  • Bottom Line: Chance to hit isn’t a bottomless pit: there’s a limit to how much is useful. However, Balance itemization doesn’t include much +hit gear, so PvE offensive caster builds should almost always make room for this talent.

Moonkin Form Moonkin Form

Requires 30 points in Balance Talents
1 point: 22% of base mana, Instant Cast. Shapeshift into Moonkin Form. While in this form the armor contribution from items is increased by 370% and all party and raid members within 45 yards have their spell critical chance increased by 5%. Single target spell critical strikes in this form have a chance to instantly regenerate 2% of your total mana. The Moonkin can only cast Balance Abolish Poison and Remove Curse spells while shapeshifted. The act of shapeshifting frees the caster of Polymorph and Movement Impairing effects.”

    • Solo Utility: Fantastic. Sure it’s impossible to heal in this form, but there’s usually no need to do so, and it’s always possible to shift out and heal if necessary. Normally you can root a mob once, and kill it either before it reaches you, or just after.
    • Raid Utility: This form will be a significant DPS boost to all casters in your party/raid. While Moonkin were once something of a liability in raids, Burning Crusade offers better itemization for caster-type druids, and many Moonkin now report being able to keep up in damage with other spellcasters in raid situations. Alternatively, this can be used in conjunction with healers. Paladins regain 60% of the mana cost of a heal if it crits. Also, all your single target crit strikes help you to regain mana, which is perfect for a raiding situation.
    • PVP Utility: Excellent! This talent is a significant reason balance is considered a good PvP build. Survival is essential in PvP so the armor boost is substantial gain vs. melee opponents. A 5% boost to crit for yourself and group members helps towards spike damage. This form will significantly boost your ability to defeat any melee class, although it’s far less useful against magic classes that can ignore armor. Remember that this form will ensure that your enemies can pick you out as a balance druid easily, even in raid sized battlegrounds.
  • Bottom Line: Excellent for any situation, not to mention a pre-requisite for three other talents. If you go Balance, don’t even think about not getting this.

Improved Moonkin Form Improved Moonkin Form

Requires 30 points in Balance Talents
Requires 1 point in Moonkin Form
3 points: Your Moonkin Aura also causes affected targets to gain 3% haste and you to gain 15% of your spirit as additional spell damage.

  • Since patch 3.0.2 spirit is useful for both Tree of Life form and now Moonkin form, making all spell power gear with spirit Druid gear that is viable for either Balance or Restoration specs.
    • Solo Utility: Depends on playstyle. If you need more haste, this talent can help. Otherwise, this talent helps convert some spirit you have laying around and turn it into more spell power. Pretty nice.
    • Raid Utility: Excellent. Enhances affect of Moonkin Aura (your group/raid will love you), and again, transforms some of your spirit (now a primary Druid attribute) into more spell power.
    • PvP Utility: The haste will help you cast faster, the additional spell power will help do more damage. Pretty straight forward.
  • Bottom Line: Greatly improves your spell damage and haste. Must have if you get Moonkin form.

Faerie Fire Improved Faerie Fire

Requires 30 points in Balance Talents
3 points: Your Faerie Fire spell also increases the chance the target will be hit by spell attacks by 3%, and increases the critical strike chance of your damage spells by 3% on targets afflicted by Faerie Fire

  • This talent is a nice upgrade to Faerie Fire, but its usefulness varies wildly based on playstyle.
    • Solo Utility: Helps your chance to hit which is useless for soloing. Crit strike is nice, but not really needed much either.
    • Raid Utility: Helps out group/raid members if they aren’t hit capped, but real raiders will achieve that as soon as possible by use of their own talents/gear. The crit is nice, but not enough to make this talent (or spell in general) worth it.
    • PvP Utility: Faerie Fire rocks in PvP, but chance to hit is still useless. The crit strike may be the only reason to invest any points in this talent.
  • Bottom Line: Not recommended.


Owlkin Frenzy Owlkin Frenzy

Requires 35 points in Balance Talents
3 points: Attacks done to you while in Moonkin form have a 15% chance to cause you to go into a Frenzy, increasing your damage by 10% and causes you to be immune to pushback while casting Balance spells. Lasts 10 sec.

  • Basically the Moonkin version of Natural Perfection.
    • Solo Utility: Very helpful. You shouldn’t be getting hit too much if you keep the mobs rooted, but for those instances where you pull some adds or your roots break early, this is a great way to make the fight a lot easier.
    • Raid Utility: Not as useful. Ideally in a raid/dungeon, you should not be getting hit. You may pull aggro every once in a while, causing some people to take this talent. In my opinion, it’s a waste of points for a raider.
    • PVP Utility: Incredible, you’ll be getting hit a lot, and it will really mess up your opponents when they can’t interrupt you any more. Unfortunately many classes are able to silence/interrupt in other ways.
  • Bottom Line: Highly recommended for soloing/pvp, but for raiding its best to invest just 1 point if any, and only if you think you’ll be getting hit in a raid often enough to make this worth it.

Wrath of Cenarius Wrath of Cenarius

Requires 35 points in Balance Talents
5 points: Your Starfire spell gains an additional 20% and Wrath gains an additional 10% of your bonus damage effects.

  • The benefits from this spell are largely gear-based. With a lot of +damage gear, it’ll result in a big improvement; otherwise, it may be hardly noticeable.
    • Solo Utility: Nothing special other than DPS increase.
    • Raid Utility: Nothing special.
    • PVP Utility: Nothing special.
  • Bottom Line: This far down in the tree, you should have quite a bit of gear complementing your spec. As long as you have gear that gives you +Damage, this is a great talent no matter what you are doing.

Eclipse‎ Eclipse

Requires 40 points in Balance Talents
3 points: When you critically hit with Starfire, you have a 100% chance of increasing damage done by Wrath by 20%. When you critically hit with Wrath, you have a 60% chance of increasing your critical strike chance with Starfire by 30%. Effect lasts 15 sec and has a 30 sec cooldown.

  • This talent’s usefulness partly depends on the attentiveness and skill of the player. You must see when this effect triggers and know to switch from Starfire to Wrath, or vice versa at that time.
    • Solo Utility: Unless you switch between starfire and wrath a lot while soloing then you don’t need this. Spammed Starfire or spammed Wrath should do the trick by themselves.
    • Raid Utility: Can create a decent increase in DPS if you rotate your spell casts correctly.
    • PVP Utility: Again, depending on how much you change spells in PvP; this talent could be very helpful, or not helpful at all.
  • Bottom Line: Your call, depends mostly on your playstyle.

Typhoon Typhoon

Requires 1 point in Moonkin Form Requires 40 points in Balance Talents 1 point: 32% of base mana, 30 yd range, Instant cast, 20 sec cooldown. You summon a violent Typhoon that does 1190 Nature damage when in contact with hostile targets, knocking them back 5 yards.

  • This is a cone AoE spell that knocks back an opponent in addition to dealing damage, which is useful for interrupting spellcasters.
    • Solo Utility: Nothing Special; the knockback can buy you some time to escape hostile monsters. Helps the most when you pull adds.
    • Raid Utility: Not very useful. Knockbacks can be an annoyance. Should only be used with extreme care in situations where the instant damage is useful and positioning and tank threat are not an issue, e.g. finishing off a large pack of non-elite trash. Beware of pulling another pack of mobs with the fairly long and wide range.
    • PvP Utility: Pretty good. It can be highly enjoyable, knocking enemy players off of bridges and cliffs, and does decent damage. Typhoon can also act as an interrupt for nasty spells, having the advantage over Cyclone of being instant-cast; however, its effectiveness is limited by the cooldown. The cooldown is usually not a problem in anything but PvP.
  • Bottom Line: Very worth it for only one point unless raiding. Just another good spell to throw at helpless enemies.

Force of Nature Force of Nature

Requires 40 points in Balance Talents
1 point: 12% of base mana, 30 yd range, Instant cast, 3 min cooldown. Summons 3 treants to attack the enemy target for 30 sec.

  • This is a controversial power. Individually, the treants do a decent amount of damage, and when all 3 treants attack, they are quite effective in interrupting or delaying spells from being cast. Treants are also supposedly affected by the caster’s +spell damage, increasing their damage slightly. They do a respectable amount of damage, although they are quickly dispatched by AoEs due to their somewhat low health.
    • Solo Utility: Incredible to have, especially when soloing groups of mobs.
    • Raid Utility: Most bosses have nasty AoEs, so the trees aren’t very useful. As of WoTLK the treants now have a pet bar and are controllable, although they have no special abilities.
    • PvP Utility: Useful for distracting and harrying most classes (especially casters) while doing very nice damage.
  • Bottom Line: This talent can greatly enhance your survivability in PvP. In PvE, the treants can noticeably increase your overall DPS; however, in fights where there is almost constant AoE of some sort, they are completely useless. Overall, Recommended.

Gale Winds Gale Winds

Requires 40 points in Balance Talents
2 points: Increases damage done by your Hurricane and Typhoon spells by 30%, and increases the range of your Cyclone spell by 4 yards.

    • Solo Utility: Augmented Hurricane helps you kill multiple mobs efficiently, which can help grinding.
    • Raid Utility: Great, as your tank will often be swarmed by multiple mobs. Since Patch 3.0.2 Hurricane has gotten a good increase in DPS too, making it a very powerful AoE even without this talent.
    • PvP Utility: Hurricane isn’t very useful at all in PvP, but the damage increase to typhoon could be worth it.
  • Bottom Line: If you find yourself frequently using Hurricane and/or Typhoon, this is a good place to spend a couple points.

Earth and Moon Earth and Moon

Requires 45 points in Balance Talents
3 points: Your Wrath and Starfire spells have a 100% chance to apply the Earth and Moon effect, which increases spell damage taken by 13% for 12 sec. Also increases your spell damage by 3%.

  • This effect only triggers when you tag a mob with Wrath or Starfire, but being that those are your two main damage spells, this talent basically applies to everything you attack.
    • Solo Utility: Flat increase to DPS.
    • Raid Utility: Applies this effect to your target, increasing all spell damage taken by the mob. This will increase your DPS as well as everyone else doing spell damage to the mob you hit with Wrath/Starfire.
    • PvP Utility: Increases your damage as well as your teammates.
  • Bottom Line: Highly recommended, especially if you are this far down the tree. A flat increase in DPS for yourself and everyone else attacking your target.

Starfall Starfall

Requires 50 points in Balance Talents
1 points: You summon a flurry of stars from the sky on all targets within 30 yards of the caster, each doing 433 to 503 Arcane damage. Also causes 78 Arcane damage to all other enemies within 5 yards of the enemy target. Maximum 20 stars. Lasts 10 sec.

    • Solo Utility: An AoE that will follow you around, not channeled, very helpful if AoE grinding.
    • Raid Utility: Not useful. Only affects targets surrounding you, most of the time you will want to stand back from where the tank has all the mobs. Also, this will hit everything within 30 yds of you, which could pull a lot of adds in certain locations.
    • PvP Utility: Very good. Does damage to everything around you, and you can continue casting, capping a flag, etc.
  • Bottom Line: Mainly a PvP talent, could be useful in soloing, but a raider should ignore this talent alltogether.

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