Talent Calculator


Pure PvE Tree Form
This is the basics for PvE tree raiding. Of course this spec can be altered by removing Nature’s Splendor and Nature’s Majesty to instead use 3 points in Replenish. This will drop the healing of a Druid but to slightly help increase raid DPS. The Major Glyphs used should be used and the minor glyphs will help. (Except for Aquatic Form, just my preference since there’s nothing else.)

PvP Tree Form
You could also swap 3 points from Nature’s Focus into Subtlety if you prefer. This is an acceptable raid build since you really don’t lose anything except 15% spirit and a few points in Subtlety. Now that is a lot of spirit, but it’s understandable if you spec this way since now you can PvP/Arena and raid without shelling out 100g a week. The loss of the spirit talent may affect your trinket choice, but we’ll discuss this more later. The regen you lose from the extra spirit can be made up for with a few extra mana pots.

Dreamstate Healing Touch Spec
The whole idea here is that your HTs cost 19% less mana, heal for 300-400 more, and you get a bonus to your healing and mp5 from Lunar Guidance and Dreamstate. Then in raids you heal with Rank 5 HT, and your max-rank HT. In my opinion tree form is more powerful except for in very specific situations. Dreamstate/HT druids can be very effective, but it takes a lot of practice, and a specific raiding role.


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