Runic Mana Injector Restores 4240 mana



 Powerful Rejuvenation Potion Restores 2475 m and h



INV_Alchemy_Elixir_02.png Runic Mana Potion Restores 4240 mana.   

INV_Alchemy_Elixir_05.png Runic Healing Potion Restores 2700 health.



INV_Alchemy_Elixir_01.png Potion of Wild Magic Inc spell crit 60 and spellpw 180

INV_Alchemy_Elixir_04.png Potion of Speed Inc Haste 500

INV_Alchemy_Elixir_03.png Potion of Nightmares Restores 5400 health and mana


Protection Potions


INV_Potion_128.png Mighty Arcane Protection Potion Absorbs 4200 dmg


INV_Potion_124.png Mighty Fire Protection Potion Absorbs 4200 dmg 


INV_Potion_126.png Mighty Frost Protection Potion Absorbs 4200 dmg 


INV_Potion_127.png Mighty Nature Protection Potion Absorbs 4200 dmg 


INV_Potion_123.png Mighty Shadow Protection Potion Absorbs 4200 dmg 


 Mighty Holy Protection Potion Absorbs 4200 dmg


 Magic Resistance Potion Inc Res +50 


 Living Action Potion Makes you immune to Stun and Movement Impairing effects for the next 5 sec. Also removes existing Stun and Movement Impairing effects.


 Shrouding Potion Reduces your threat by 800



 Invisibility Potion Gives invisibility for 18 sec.



 Sneaking Potion Increases Stealth a great deal for 1 min.



 Swiftness Potion Increases run speed by 50% for 15 sec.



 Purification Potion Removes 1 curse 1 disease 1 poison



 Potion of Curing Cures 4 poison




 Demonic Rune Restores 900 mana at the cost of 1000 life



 Dark Rune  Restores 900mana at the cost of 1000 life 15 mcd



 Luminous Bluetail Restores 455 585 mana 2 mcd



 Crystal Restore Heals target 670 over 15 sec 2min cd



 Fel Healthstone Instantly restores 5136 life.


 Depleted Crystal Focus Restores 2000 life 2 mcd



 Nightmare Seed Inc health by 2000 for 30 sec.


 Dense Stone Statue heals for 50 per second, for 20 sec



 Heavy Frostweave Bandage Heals 5800 dmg over 8 sec



Elixir (you can have 1xBattle and 1xGuardian):


Battle Elixir:

INV_Alchemy_Potion_05.png Spellpower Elixir  58 sp

INV_Potion_112.png Guru’s Elixir 20 stat

INV_Alchemy_Potion_04.png Elixir of Lightning Speed 45 haste

 Elixir of Healing Power sp 24 spr24

 Adept’s Elixir 24sp 24crit


Guardian Elixir:

INV_Potion_02.png Elixir of Spirit 50 spr


 Elixir of Draenic Wisdom 30int 30spr


INV_Potion_161.png Elixir of Mighty Thoughts 45 int


INV_Potion_164.png Elixir of Mighty Fortitude 350 health


 Major Troll’s Blood Elixir Restores 20health


 Elixir of Mighty Mageblood 24 mana

*Major Mageblood gives better mana returns, but Draenic Wisdom might be preferable if you are providing the ToL bonus to the tank group or are Dreamstate spec’d.



INV_Alchemy_EndlessFlask_03.png Flask of Pure Mojo 38 Mp5

INV_Alchemy_EndlessFlask_04.png Flask of the Frost Wyrm  125 Spell Power


 Flask of Distilled Wisdom 65 int

*Flasks are generally preferable on new content because you’ll probably want the extra regen and you won’t lose the flask buff when you wipe.  




 Scroll of Spirit VIII 64spr

 Scroll of Intellect VIII 48int

 Scroll of Stamina VIII 132sta




Mp5 Sta


 Spicy Fried Herring 16m 40sta

 Mighty Rhino Dogs 16m 40sta

 Blackened Sporefish 20sta 8m
 Nightfin Soup 8m


Spellpw Sta


 Fish Feast 46sp 40sta

 Firecracker Salmon 46sp 40sta

 Tender Shoveltusk Steak 46sp 40sta


Haste Sta


 Imperial Manta Steak 40haste 40sta

 Very Burnt Worg 40haste 40sta


Crit Sta


 Spiced Wyrm Burger 40crit 40sta

 Spicy Blue Nettlefish 40crit 40sta


Crit Spr


 Skullfish Soup 20 crit 20spr


Spellpw Spr


 Golden Fish Sticks 44 Heal 20 Spr

 Crunchy Serpent 23 spell 20 spr

 Poached Bluefish 23 spell 20 spr

 Blackened Basilisk 23 spell 20 spr


Sta and Spr:


 Cuttlesteak 40Spr 40Sta

 Spicy Crawdad 20Spr 30Sta

 Fisherman’s Feast 20Spr30Sta

 Mok’Nathal Shortribs 20Spr30Sta

 Talbuk Steak 20Spr30Sta

 Feltail Delight 20Spr30Sta


Int :


 Runn Tum Tuber Surprise 10 int


Restore Health


 Poached Sunscale Salmon 6hp




 Hot Apple Cider 20 Sta 20 Spr

 Kungaloosh Restores 12960 mana




 Exceptional Mana Oil 19 mana not ingame

 Brilliant Mana Oil 12 mana 13 spell power. not usable



 Greater Ward of Shielding Absorb 4000 dmg


Free Mana Pots


 Major Combat Mana Potion 1350 – 2250 Mana
Pvp vendor

 Unstable Mana Potion 1350 – 2250 Mana
Skettis escort. q.

 Auchenai Mana Potion 1800 – 3000 Mana
Shard vendor at Stronghold

 Crystal Mana Potion 1800 – 3000 Mana
Ogri’la Quartermaster


Temporary Buffs to Spirit


 Basic CampfireIncreases the spirits of those nearby by 4.



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