Druid Facts


  1. Lacerate applies the innate threat and debuff even when the attack is blocked. A blocked Lacerate can also proc Primal Fury.
  2. Omen of Clarity has a procrate of 3.5 procs Per Minute when only using auto-attacks. Yellow attacks can’t proc OOC.
  3. Omen of Clarity does not get 3 chances to proc on Swipe.
  4. Feral Faerie Fire, Growl, AOE Taunt and Demoralizing Roar are considered spells, and can’t be cast while silenced.
  5. Cyclone has diminishing returns in PvE as well as PvP
  6. Cyclone diminishing returns 50%, 25% (6 seconds, 3 seconds, 1.5 seconds), NOT 6 seconds, 4 seconds and 2 seconds as some people believe
  7. Roots don’t break on their own damage. Forget what you heard in this regard of people telling you otherwise. Roots break early because the target receive external damage or because it (like other CCs including Polymorph and Sap) have heartbeat checks where they have a chance to break early. Nature Resistance on a target also increases the chance it will break early.
  8. When your target gains more nature resistance, he also increases the chance of roots breaking early.
  9. The more spellhit you have, the smaller the chance of roots breaking early is. Spell penetration has no effect in this regard unless your opponent already has nature resistance.
  10. Paladins and mages can’t bubble or Ice Block out of a Cyclone.
  11. Un-shifting is actually not a spell casting operation not even an action. You can do it while doing something else like running, gathering herbs, speaking to NPC’s, or even under the effect of sleep or other crowd controls like stun and fear (especially useful to cast Barkskin during a stunlock).
  12. Any shifting can be cast while being polymorphed. While you expect to be unable to act at all, druid morphing breaks other polymorph effects (it’s in the tooltip, but a lot of people don’t realize it). It’s extremely useful in PvP (mage’s sheep) but also in PvE, for example vs Hex cast by witch doctors or Jindo in ZG, sheep cast by spellbinders in BWL, or mage elite guard in black morass.
  13. Barkskin can be cast while being stunned or otherwise while under the effect of most Crowd Controls. Rogue and Paladin stuns as well as Fear comes to mind, yet it also works on Hunter freeze traps, and other mez effects. Barkskin is not useable while shapeshifted except for Moonkin and Tree of Life form.
  14. Barkskin only prevent interruption due to damage, not counter or silence abilities like Counterspell or Earth Shock.
  15. Faerie Fire, Cyclone and Thorns are Nature spells, they are susceptible to Nature resistance and immunity. Also see point 10.
  16. A 6th (and above) Lacerate does refresh the bleed stacks, and does apply the innate threat. Also, the Lacerate damage ticks aren’t reset when the ability is refreshed and will still stick on its usual 3 second timer.
  17. Feral Charge does not silence, it only interrupts the spell being cast and all spells in that School of magic (nature, frost, arcane, holy, fire, shadow).
  18. If Gift of The Wild (applies to group) is cast on a group made of various levels, it won’t be applied to targets too low level. The automatic rank downgrade only applies to the target your mouse cursor hits, might require a lower rank reagent, and that rank will then be applied without other downgrade to other members of your group (they won’t receive it if they are too low level). The level cap is 10 levels below the spell level.
  19. A Bear under Mind Control can’t be polymorphed (strategy used on some bosses in PvE to prevent a controlled player to damage the group). Use Fear or Hibernate.
  20. Despite the fact that it costs mana, the act of Shifting is not considered a spell, can’t be interrupted, and is not affected by silence.
  21. Swiftmend can only consume Rejuvenation and Regrowth. It can’t consume Lifebloom (The tooltip works exactly as it says). Swiftmend will always consume the Rejuvenation or regrowth with the least remaining duration, even if its other druids that casted those spells.
  22. Tree form is considered an Elemental. Warlocks can Banish you. You can’t be sapped or seduced.
  23. Moonkin form is still considered a Humanoid. While you can’t be polymorphed, because you are shapeshifted, you can still be Sapped or Mind Controlled.
  24. Travel, Flight, Aquatic, Cat and Bear forms are considered Beasts. Hunters can fear you, Druids can sleep you. You are immune to Priest Mind Control and Polymorph, but you still can be Mind Controlled by mobs because most of their abilities are not limited to Humanoids. Flight Form is immune to all crowd controls in midair, though you can still be crowd controlled while flying on ground level.

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