Healing Comparison

Spell  The name of the healing spell.

Healing  The average amount of healing done by the healing spell.

Mana  The mana cost of the spell

Cast time  The amount of time it takes to cast a spell.

Duration  The duration of Heal over Time type spells or a conservative guess for spells with multiple charges.

Scaling  The percentage of bonus healing effects from gear the healing spell recieves. See Spell power coefficient for a full list.

HPS  Healing per second; the amount of healing the spell does over a period of one second.

HPM  Healing per mana; the amount of healing this spell does per point of mana spent.

+x HPS  The healing per second when you have a total of x bonus healing from gear and/or buffs.

+x HPM  The healing per mana when you have a total of x bonus healing from gear and/or buffs.

SPS  Scaling per second; a value that says something about how well the HPS of the spell improves with bonus healing effects. a value of 100% means that 3.5 bonus healing increases the HPS by 1.

+H/HPM  Bonus healing per HPM; the amount of bonus healing needed in order to increase the HPM of the spell by 1. 
  • Healing spells that heal the entire group, heal an average of 3 wounded units.
  • The healers have 300 intellect, 300 spirit and 5% base crit chance with spells. (edit: This assumption may result in bias because Paladin and Shaman healers have little use for Spirit and the spell crit chance of Paladin Healers is normally much higher.)
  • A bonus of 5% critical strike chance to healing spells results in an average of 2.5% more healing done.

 This is a comparison of most (if not all) healing spells of the four different healing classes. There are both values available for spells with and without talents. Each section is ended by a list of top healing spells in different categories.


  • Top HPS spells
    1. Tranquility
    2. Binding Heal
    3. Holy Light + BoL
    4. Prayer of Healing
    5. Holy Light
  • Top HPM spells
    1. Healing Stream Totem
    2. Lightwell
    3. Tranquility
    4. Lifebloom (stacked) – Tree of Life
    5. Lifebloom (single cast) – Tree of Life
  • Top HPS scaling spells
    1. Binding Heal
    2. Swiftmend (rejuvenation)
    3. Chain Heal
    4. Swiftmend (regrowth)
    5. Greater Heal
  • Top HPM scaling spells
    1. Healing Stream Totem
    2. Lifebloom
    3. Earth Shield
    4. Rejuvenation
    5. Flash of Light
  • Note: The author only counts one jump of Prayer Of Mending, ProM can jump up to five times. Seems inconsistent compared to Shaman’s chain heal where it is given credit for three.

 Caster Form

List of considered talents

  • Naturalist: -0.5 seconds Cast time for Healing Touch
  • Tranquil Spirit: -10% Mana for Healing Touch, Tranquility
  • Improved Rejuvenation: +15% Healing for Rejuvenation
  • Gift of Nature: +10% Healing for all spells
  • Empowered Touch: +20% Scaling for Healing Touch
  • Improved Regrowth: +50% Crit for Regrowth
  • Natural Perfection: +3% Crit for Healing Touch, Regrowth, Swiftmend
  • Empowered Rejuvenation: +16% Scaling for Rejuvenation, Swiftmend (Rejuvenation); +14% Scaling for Regrowth, Swiftmend (Regrowth); +10% Scaling for Lifebloom (single cast); +31.2% Scaling for Lifebloom (stacked)

Todo: Add a similar table that removes Empowered Rejuvenation, but adds Moonglow (-9% mana to HT, Rejuv, Regrowth) and Lunar Guidance (25% of Int is added to +Heal)

Tree of Life Form

List of considered talents

  • All talents of Caster Form
  • Tree of Life: -20% Mana for all spells; +86 Healing for all spells


Our first table gives the figures for the spells assuming no +heal whatsoever. Time is cast time plus spell duration.




0 +heal
Spell Healing Mana Time HPM HPS Contribution from +heal
Healing Touch 2952 935 3.5 (3.0) 3.16 843.43 (984) 100%
Rejuvenation  1060 (1219)   415 12 2.55    (2.93) 88.33 (101.6 ) 80%
Regrowth 2559 675 23 3.97 111.3 100%
Lifebloom (sequential) 1680 220 7 7.63 124.7 86.1%
Lifebloom (3x refreshed) 702 220 6 3.19 117 52% ‘per stack'(effectivly 133%)





1000 +heal
Spell Healing Mana Time HPM HPS Contribution from +heal
Healing Touch 3952 935 3.5 (3.0) 4.22 1129 (1317) 100%
Rejuvenation 1860 (2139) 415 12 4.48 (5.15) 155 (178) 80%
Regrowth 3559 675 23 5.27 155 100%
Lifebloom (sequential) 1680 220 7 7.63 240 86%
Lifebloom (3x refreshed) 2039 220 6 9.26 340 52% ‘per stack'(effectivly 133%)




As can easily be seen, stacking lifebloom and keeping it stacked not only becomes highly mana-efficient: it’s healing per second also rises considerably. In practise, druids will stack 3 lifeblooms and a rejuvenation on the target, providing around 500 HPS, and use regrowth for additional bursts of healing. This is made even more mana-efficient by tree of life form, which reduces the mana cost of all these spells by 20%.


 So for zero +heal, casting lifebloom every 7 seconds provides the highest heal per mana. The picture changes dramatically when we have +heal, though.




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