• This is a hybrid direct-heal and Heal-over-time spell. The direct-heal portion of the spell can crit for 1.5x normal effect, but the heal-over-time portion will not be affected by the crit.
  • The direct-heal portion of regrowth gains 53.9% of your bonus healing while the Heal-over-time receives an additional 18.8% of bonus healing per tick.
  • The total net Threat is not reduced by using a heal-over-time versus an immediate-heal spell, but it can avoid generating a dramatic spike of mob hate.
  • The Regrowth Glyph increases both the Direct Heal and the HoT by 20% if there was already a regrowth HoT on the target when casted
  • With the Synergy between Improved Regrowth, Nature’s Grace and Living Seed, Regrowth becomes very good for handling sustained burst damage.
  • regrowth


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