Game Mechanics


Threat mechanics

Healing agro has a multiplier of -50%. This means that every time you heal someone for 1000, you generate 500 threat. This goes for ALL healing classes except the paladin, which has a healing threat modifier of -75% meaning his healing generates half the threat of druid/priest/shaman healing.

Healing agro on multiple mobs:
Healing agro works with the threat spreading concept. This means that the threat generated is divided between the mobs the threat effects.

Giving a few examples on the statement above.
Example 1: You are involved in combat with a single mob. You heal the main tank for 1200. The result is that you generate 600 threat on the mob.
Example 2: You are involved in combat with 3 mobs. You heal the main tank for 1200. The result is that you generate 600 / 3 = 200 threat on each mob, or said in another way, the healing threat is divided between the amount of mobs being tanked.

It should be noted that healing agro is not generated on crowd controlled mobs. A healer won’t be generating agro on a sheeped, rooted, seduced mob etc. and that mob doesn’t count as in combat in regards to healing agro in the two examples above. In regards to roots, roots only count as crowd control if the rooted mob is not able to attack a party member with melee attacks, ranged attacks, spells. If a mob is rooted but still able to attack something, healing threat is still generated.
Power gains (gains of mana from potions, gains of rage from Furor etc.) act in the same way in that the threat is split between multiple mobs. In the “Bear Threat” section, it was shown how shifting into bear generates 50 threat (10 rage for 5 threat per rage point), but if two uncontrolled mobs are present, the threat is divided for 25 threat each.
Heal from Improved Leader of the Pack generates no threat.
Healing agro with Subletly or other threat reduction buffs:
Threat reduction buffs stack multiplicatively. Say you heal for 1000 and you are specced 5/5 Subletly (20% threat reduction talent), you will generate 1000 * (0.5 * 0.8) = 400 threat. Same goes with a paladins Blessing of Salvation or a shamans Grace of Air totem.

Healing agro and crits:
A heal being a crit has NOTHING to do with the threat generated apart from the amount being healed. If your healing spell crits for 2000 it will still only generate 1000 threat.

Overhealing causes no threat. If a person is lacking 1000 HP and you heal him for 2000, you will still only generate threat for the 1000 healing actually needed (= 500 threat). Healing a person on full HP generates no threat, though it will put you in combat if the person healed is already in combat.

How “Healing over Time” spells generate threat:
The threat from HoTs are applied every time the HoT ticks. This means that there is no initial threat from applying a HoT (though it will put you in combat with a mob if the target of your HoT is in combat with that mob).

The above have led to confusion, because many druids believe that casting HoTs on a tank just before he pulls a boss will generate threat and possibly wipe the raid. This is partially true. In order for a healer to generate threat with HoTs, that healer has to be in combat with the mob. Against a raid boss that automatically puts everyone in combat when engaged, it can be dangerous to HoT the tank before pulling unless you have competent hunters Missdirecting, but on 5 man bosses or on normal pulls that doesn’t put you in combat, hotting the tank before the pull is perfectly safe.

Scaling Mechanics

Various abilities and items in WoW scales with stats and talents. Offensive melee abilities scale with Attack Power, offensive spells scale with +damage and healing spells scale with +healing, some items scale with talents as well.

Healing Abilities

Various healing abilities in WoW take the spellpower into account and improve the power of your heals.

Note that the mechanic for spellpower changes if you choose to downrank spells (say cast a low rank rejuvenation instead of your max rank, that rank is penalized and therefore receives less effect from +healing gear).
Note that before spellpower was introduced, the old stat that increased healing was known as +healing. As a result, the numbers below are only approximations, meaning that when we write that Rejuvenation takes 160% of your spellpower into account, we actually mean approximately 160%. Numbers might be slightly off.


  • 160% of your spellpower is added to the spell, spread over each of the 4 ticks (40% per tick). Additional ticks from talents (Nature’s Splendor), glyphs, setbonuses or similar won’t decrease what each tick heals for, it always heals for the same (the spell just lasts longer).


  • Approximately 66.7% of your spellpower is added the the HoT over all 7 ticks (9.52% per tick);
  • Approximately 64.6% of your spellpower is added the end heal;
  • The spellpower bonus of Lifebloom is, as of patch 2.1, added to all 3 stacks of Lifebloom, so stacking lifebloom 3 times will tripple the 66.7% of your spellpowers contribution.
  • The end heal of lifebloom is unaffected by the amount of stacks of Lifebloom. It will always heal for the same regardless of the amount of stacks.
  • The end bomb of lifebloom doesn’t count as your own healing. Therefore, all agro generated by the end bomb of lifebloom is attributed to the person healed, not to yourself.


  • Takes approximately 58% of your +healing into account on the initial heal;
  • Takes 142% of your +healing into account on the HoT spread over 7 ticks. More ticks by talents like Nature’s Splendor or similar increases doesn’t affect what each individual tick heals for.

Healing Touch:

  • Takes 171% of your spellpower into account.


  • Takes 152% of your spellpower into account (38% per tick).


  • Always heals for exactly the same as 4 ticks of Rejuvenation or 6 ticks of Regrowth, even when Swiftmending other druids HoTs disregarding their gear (but not their talents, an untalened Rejuvenation from a Feral Druid will be Swiftmended for less because it takes the Feral druids lack of restoration talents into account. It will, however, still use your gear and spellpower). See the Regrowth or Rejuvenation section for calculating their respective ticks.


Healing Talents

Here is a few of the different talents

Gift of Nature:

  • Always applies to the end heal of the talent, effectively increasing it by 10% including taking +healing gear into account;
  • Stacks additively with Improved Rejuvenation (10% + 15% = 25% on Rejuvenation).

Improved Rejuvenation:

  • Always applies to the end heal of the talent, effectively increasing it by 15% including taking +healing gear into account.
  • Stacks additively with Gift of Nature (10% + 15% = 25% on Rejuvenation).
  • Also increases the amount healed by Swiftmend when Swiftmending a Rejuvenation.

Empowered Touch + Empowered Rejuvenation:

  • Increases the gain from spellpower by the percentage specified, meaning that it acts like you had X% additional spellpower.
  • While Empowered Rejuvenation states “your healing over time spells”, it also affects the non-heal over time part of those spells. This means that it also works with the initial Regrowth cast, as well as it works with the end bloom of Lifebloom

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