Sartharion 3D

@Jonas Sartharion 3D Theorycrafting

Zeiten zwischen den Breaths
Min 00:00:06,625
Max 00:00:32,719
Avg 00:00:14,233

Sartharion 3D Breaths

Sartharion 3D Breaths

EJ Post für Cooldowns beim DK:

a 70k breath would do 56.5k damage after Frost Presence (-15%) and Magic Supression (-5%)

A 540 defense Icebound Fortitude would reduce that by another ~41.5%, making it 33k damage from the breath
A 565 defense IBF would reduce it by ~44.5%, making it a 31k breath.

A bone shield would reduce it to 45k damage or 25-30k combined with Anti-Magic Zone

A little bit of extra defense should make IBF able to handle one breath by itself. Simply switching to the new Gargoyle rune enchant and the new defense sigil should do the trick. A 6-charge Bone Shield is also enough to last at least 2 breaths, so you could potentially use Bone-Shield for both the 2nd and 3rd breaths if IBF isn’t enough to absorb a breath by itself. Assuming enough defense that would leave you with:

1st breath : Anti-Magic Shell
2nd breath : Icebound Fortitude
3rd breath : Bone Shield + Anti-Magic Zone
4th breath : Anti-Magic Shell or Bone Shield + outside cooldown
5th breath: Anti-Magic Shell or outside cooldown or Icebound Fortitude (if it’s off cooldown)
6th breath: Icebound Fortitude or outside cooldown

Best case scenario you could survive 5 breaths alone if the breaths come at longer intervals, and would need outside help for the 6th. Worst case scenario you would need help for at least the 4th and 6th breath. The fight definitely got a lot harder to tank for anyone other than a death knight or a druid. Even a 30% damage reduction from Hand of Sacrifice or Divine Guardian may not be enough to survive a breath by itself, so you would need a big cooldown or 2 lesser cooldowns for each breath.

btw. feuer resi pot + cd reicht für alle klassen eigentlich

Desweiteren zum DK Breath:

Schedule für DK cooldowns

MT Krieger rotation
1) Shield Wall
2) Guardian Spirit
3) Paladin Taunting + Shield Wall-like Ability + Hand of Sacrafice
4) Warrior Taunting + Shield Wall + Hand of Sacrafice
5) Last Stand + Roar of Sacrafice + Shield


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