World of Warcraft terminology

HoT – Heal over time. The phrase HoTs is used as a gathering umbrella for spells that include a Healing over Time component, after you have finished casting. Examples: Lifebloom, Rejuvenation, Regrowth.
FSR – Five Second Rule. Every time you finish casting a spell (except NS), you now have 5 seconds until your Spirit will regen as it does normally. Being “within the FSR” means that you have casted a spell, and now do not have full Spirit regen.
HPS – Heal per second. Means how much a healing spell heals per second. For example, your rejuvenation ticks for 999 every 3 seconds. The spell has a HPS of 333. If the spell is not a HoT spell, HPS is identical to HPSC.
HPSC – Heal per second casting. Means how much a healing spell heals in total, per second you spend casting. For example, a spell heals for 3000 and you spend 3 seconds casting. The spell has a HPSC of 1000.
HPM – Heal per mana. Means how much each mana point you spend on a spell, heals the target. For example, a spell costs 100 mana and heals for 1500. The spell has a HPM of 15.
HPT – Heal per tick. For example, your rejuvenation heals a target for 1200 over 4 ticks and 12 seconds. The HPT is 300.
GCD – Global Cooldown. Instant cast spells cause a 1.5 sec cooldown on all spells. This cannot be improved by spell haste rating, but can be improved by shaman Blood Lust.
Overhealing – How much of your healing done with one or several spells that “overheal”, ie lands on the target but does not do any good because it is already at full health. For example, a spell that heals a target for 3000. The target only needs 1000 healing done to be at full health. The Overhealing is 2000, or 66%.
Effective Healing – Raw healing minus Overhealing. In essence, how much you actually healed your targets.
Downranking – Generally refers to using lower ranks of a spell to get a higher HPM at the cost of a lower HPSC.
Resto druid – A druid healing using mainly the restoration tree, and most of the time Tree of Life (see The Talents).
Dreamstate druid – A druid healing using a mix of the restoration and balance tree (see The Talents).

NS – Nature’s Swiftness. A 21point talent in the restoration that all full-time healing druids will have. It makes your next nature spell instant cast (All healing spells are nature).
NG – Nature’s Grace. A talent in the balance tree that, on a critical spell strike, reduces the cast time of your next spell with 0.5 seconds.
ToL – Tree of Life, a 41 point Shapeshift form in the restoration tree that disables Healing Touch and Abolish Poison and Remove Curse, decreases HoT mana costs by 20%, and gives an aura to your Party which increases healing on party members by up to 25% of your spirit. See Tips&Tricks for an exploit.


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