General Vezax -HARD MODE-

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Vezax is the race of faceless, one of the oldest races hideous. What can we find in the area called Descent to Madness, keeping prison Yogg-Saron.

Level: ?

Race: Faceless

Health: 6,300,000 [10] / 25,000,000 [25]


Shadow Crash: Fire Shadow missile to the target, making 5655 to 6345 Shadow damage to all enemies near the impact point and push. After the impact, leaving a field of energy …. for 15 seconds, increasing damage magic breached by 50%, reducing healing done by 50% and reducing the mana cost by 30% (between 11,310 and 12,690 in heroic mode). lingers

Burning Flames ago between 13,875 and 16,125 for fire damage to all enemies within 20 meters, increasing the heat of his armor and thus reducing their ability to protect itself by 75% over 10 seconds. (2 seconds of launch time, can be interrupted)

Wave of Darkness: imbues andalusia dark miracle knowingly increasing the physical damage by 100% while reducing their movement speed by 50% over 10 seconds. (Vezax uses it on himself at which point there is room to run around avoiding his attacks)

Aura of Despair: This aura prevents mana regeneration from all natural sources. Aspect of the Viper, Aspect of the Viper, Judgments of the Wise, Ira’s Shaman and Spiritual Harmonization seem to work at least partially. This aura is active throughout the battle, the only “normal” way of achieving it with mana potions. You can destroy the crystals that fly around the room. Andalusia destroy released a cloud of green gas that will restore mana but also makes the same damage to recover mana. For example, if you regenerate mana receive 1000 points 1000 points of damage. This “benefit” will build up restoring more mana (and becoming more and more damage). How difficult this fight is to not use the clouds to regenerate mana.

35% of the life of Vezax summon a monster with 2300000 points of life with the following skills:

  • Profound Darkness: 500 damage to all enemies and increases damage received from the shadows at 10% per tick. Accumulates in the band, 20 ticks means that you’ll receive a 200% more damage from the shadows of course including Shadow Crash of Vezax.


The boss may be in tanks anywhere in the room as the tank will need to move around the room. Besides the Aura of Despair, the head seems to be a typical head pinata.

One of the most important skills that a chief has and its complications is little wave of Darkness. Because she must move to the tank room Vezax by 10 seconds over the duration of this ability, until the effect ends. Because we have a launch time 3 seconds is quite easy for him to get away from the tank. Once that is over the effect it normally returns to tank.

The General Vezax launch sometimes called burning must be stopped because it represents a very significant saving mana for healers. It would be good to establish an order of players going to be interrupting. In case of failure will be notified promptly to the healers to begin to heal.

When Vezax use Shadow Crash everyone must depart quickly from the impact point to return quickly and leaves a black circle that increases the healing and damage spells.

Since there is no natural mana regeneration in combat, it will take potions, but the main source of mana crystals that are flying around the room. Can be broken in the air, releasing a cloud on the ground. The green cloud makes the same amount of damage that mana regenerated well to be used with caution.

Once Vezax reaches 35% of their health appears to be a monster of a tank and secondary tank is extremely fast to kill him because with his skill Profound Darkness increases the damage of the shadows breached the band. It is best to kill the monster and then Vezax with as much risk while maintaining the monster ends up dying from the boss.

If they keep their healers mana and does too many priests, and the clouds are used effectively, there should be no problems in Vezax end.

Guide developed by GuiasWOW


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