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Spellpower increases the healing of each spell differently. In the table below the number in the “no talents” columns are how they scale without any talents. The full talents column is the coefficient if you have Master Shapeshifter, Gift of Nature, Improved Rejuvenation, Empowered Touch, Empowered Rejuvenation, Genesis and Tree of Life active. After some testing I concluded the following:

  • Gift of Nature and Genesis stack. They increase HoTs by 15% (1.15 coefficient) instead of 10% and 5% seperately (1.155 coefficient). They also stack with improved Rejuvenation (making the coefficient for this spell 1.3).
  • Empowered Rejuvenation affects both the final Lifebloom ticks as the initial Regrowth heal. Genesis does not affect these.
  • Master Shapeshifter, Tree of Life aura and Gift of Nature with Genesis are all multiplicative. This means: healing * 1.15 (GoN + Genesis) * 1.06 (ToL aura) * 1.04 (Master Shapeshifter).
  • Wild Growth’s extra bonus healing is divided equally over the ticks, in contrast to the base healing which heals less each tick.
Lifebloom HoT		0.666 [0.095]		1.013 [0.145]
Lifebloom Bloom		0.645			0.939
Rejuvenation		1.88  [0.376]		3.233 [0.647]
Regrowth Initial	0.537			0.781
Regrowth HoT		1.316 [0.188]		2.002 [0.286]
Nourish w/o HoT		0.671			0.814
Nourish with HoT	0.806			0.977
Healing Touch		1.611			2.439
Wild Growth		n/a			1.132 [0.162]

The numbers in brackets are the coefficients per tick (these are more important as Nature’s Splendor uses these coefficients for each tick).

1 intellect provides the following:

  • 1 intellect increases mana pool with 15 mana (16.5 with Kings). On a typical 8 minute fight this can be converted to 0.172 mp5
  • Assuming 1000 intellect and 1000 spirit, 1 intellect increases your main mana regeneration with 0.485 mp5 out of the five second rule or 0.145 mp5 in the five second rule (assuming Intensity and Kings).
  • Since Replenish works off the size of your mana pool, 16.5 (Kings) extra mana means 0.206 mp5 more through Replenishment.
  • 1 intellect also increases the chance you critically hit with spells by 0.006%.

This sums up to 0.523 mp5 and a little bit of crit chance. However, this number can change a lot based on your intellect, spirit, Replenishment uptime, duration of the encounter and time spent in the five second rule.

1 spirit provides the following (assuming Living Spirit, Intensity and Kings):

  • Assuming 1000 intellect and 1000 spirit, 1 spirit increases your main mana regeneration with 1.115 mp5 out of the five second rule or 0.335 mp5 in the five second rule.
  • If you have improved Tree of Life, 1 spirit also increases your spellpower with 0.18975.


Critical strike rating
45.91 critical strike rating increases your chance your spells critically hit by 1%.

The mana regeneration formula used:
ManaRegen(SPI, INT) = (0.001+SPI*0.005575*(INT^0.5))*5

 Haste rating
32.79 haste rating increases your haste by 1%. If you have Gift of the Earthmother, you need 19.98% haste to get to a 1 second global cooldown, or 655 haste rating. Wrath of Air totem provides 5% haste and improved Moonkin aura provides 3% haste. Here is a list of the amount of haste rating you need with these buffs:


Wrath of Air and Improved Moonkin Aura/Swift Retribution Aura (with 3/3 Celestial Focus)
0/5 GotE = ~34.7% Haste = ~1137 Haste Rating
1/5 GotE = ~29.45% =~959 Haste Rating
2/5 GotE = ~23.85% =~782 Haste Rating
3/5 GotE = ~18.48% =~606 Haste Rating
4/5 GotE = ~13.11% =~430 Haste Rating
5/5 GotE = ~7.72% =~253 Haste Rating

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Casting speed calculation

% Spell Haste at level 80 = (Haste Rating / 32.79)

New Casting Time = (Base Casting Time)/(1 + (% Spell Haste / 100)


Note that “base casting time” is after talents. For example, a warlock’s shadow bolt is 3.0 “base cast time” under normal usage of the term “base cast time”. However, for the purpose of this formula, you should use the improved cast time from your talents (2.5 cast time, in this example) if you have that talent, or the formula will not give the correct result.

Essentially, 1% haste allows a player to cast 1 additional spell in the time it would normally take to cast 100 spells. If the spell is a 3 second cast, that means one can theoretically cast 101 spells in 300 seconds, or 2.97 seconds per spell.

To determine the amount of time taken to cast a given sequence of spells, the reverse formula can be used, where Base Casting Time is the sum of all the spells in the given sequence:

Haste Rating needed at level 80 = ((Base Cast Time / Desired Cast Time) – 1) * 32.79 * 100

Example: I am a level 70 mage, and I want my Fireball (3s), Fireball (3s), Scorch (1.5s) cast chain to take 6.5 seconds. Therefore, a [1577 * ((7.5 / 6.5) – 1) = ~243 Haste Rating] is required.

Improving casting speed

Various sources that improve casting speed are listed on the Casting Speed improving items page.

Note: Haste rating stacks additively with itself but haste stacks multiplicatively. That means that if you have 158 haste rating, you will have +10% haste, no matter how many sources and items that haste rating comes from. If you then use troll Berserking for +30% haste, you would have 110% * 130% = 143% haste.

Losing casting speed

Chance of Ignoring Spell Interruption When Damaged = 100% – Chance to Be Interrupted By Damage

The chance to have your spells delayed by damage is additive. If you have a talent for 70% chance to avoid spell interrupts, and a paladin with concentration aura (another 35%) is in your party, you will not receive any spell interrupts from damage.

NOTE: The Spell Pushback mechanics have been changed as of release 3.0. Now, only the first two damaging attacks received will cause spell pushback, and subsequent damage will not. The talents that used to reduce the odds of spell pushback occuring now instead reduce the amount of casting time lost when pushback occurs.

Global Cooldown

Haste Formula

The global cooldown for casters with no haste is 1.5 seconds. Haste reduces the global cooldown according to the general formula for haste:

NewCastTime = BaseCastTime * ( 1 + HasteRating / ( RatingConversion * 100 ) ) ^ 1

RatingConversion represents the haste rating required for 1% haste at a given level.

Haste Rating Required Per 1%
Level 60 Level 70 Level 80
10 15.77 32.79


Percentage Reduction

The amount of haste required to reduce the global cooldown to a desired value can be calculated by:

Haste = ( ( BaseCastTime / DesiredCastTime ) – 1) * 100
For example: 100% haste = ( ( 1.5s / .75s ) – 1) * 100

Haste Rating

Rearranging the general formula for haste:

HasteRating = ( RatingConversion * 100 ) * ( ( BaseCastTime / NewCastTime ) – 1 )

For example: 500 hasteRating = ( 10 hasteRating * 100 ) * ( ( 1.5s / 1s ) – 1 )

To reduce the global cooldown to an arbitrary value of 1 second, it would take 50% haste or a haste rating of:

Level 60 Level 70 Level 80
500 788.5 1639.5