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Innervate – lvl 40   Increases the target’s Spirit based mana regeneration by 400% and allows full mana regeneration while casting. Lasts 20 sec.
30 yd range, Instant, 6 min cooldown


  • 5 times more normal regen from spirit
  • mana regen will act outside of the FSR for the duration of Innervate. This means continue to cast and still get 100% of the mana from Innervate.

Raaff’s Mana Regen Calculator *BETA

Innervate Guidelines

Spirit vs. Mana/5

Spirit vs. Mana/5 Revisited – Accounting for Innervate

Which Is Better?

Formula for mana gained while under Innervate is as follows:

 Mana = [((Spirit/4.5) + 15)*50] + (4 * Mp5)

Therefore we can calculate the size of your self-innervates if we know your total spirit:

Total Spirit Mana Restored Under Innervate
100 1861
150 2416
200 2972
250 3527
300 4083
350 4683
400 5194
450 5749
500 6305
550 6860
600 7417
650 7972
700 8528

Innervate gains nothing from mana/5, but because it’s a 20-second cast, we assume that you’ll get back 20 seconds worth of your mp5 regen (which is 4 * mp5), so that’s why we add this to the “mana gained while under innervate.”

Note that when you cursor over the “Regen” section of your character screen, the “Regeneration While Casting” shows your Mana/5 plus 30% of your spirit regen (because you have 3/3 Intensity). This number is NOT your actual mp5 (you’ll just have to tally this up manually).

All of this math helps us use Innervate more effectively.

Innervate Guidelines

  1. Innervate a target who has a significant amount of spirit. Priests are the usually the best, followed by druids; however, realize that this depends on how much spirit gear your target has. Shaman and Paladins usually have very low spirit, so Innverating them is almost a waste of a cooldown. If you had to pick one, I would probably choose the shaman.
  2. Innervating a shadow priest is often beneficial for the group as a whole because shadow priests burn through mana very quickly, but return mana to the entire group. Therefore, helping a shadowpriest with mana will allow them to dps more aggressively, which will be better for that entire group in the long run.
  3. Innervate early on very long endurance fights – Magtheridon and A’lar. About a minute into the fight, innervate someone who is at like 50-60% mana. You’ll probably waste a few innervate ticks, but you’ll also get your Innervate back a second time towards the end of the fight.
  4. When self-innervating a lot of druids throw on weapons with a ton of spirit on them (and with +spirit enchants) to maximize the mana gained from innervate. See General Gear Recommendations for a few examples.

Spirit vs. Mana/5

While not in the FSR (while not casting):

  • 4.5 Spirit = 1 mana per tick (every 2 sec)
  • 2.5 Mp5 = 1 mana per tick
  • 1.8 Spirit = 1 Mp5

However, while in the FSR:

  • 15 Spirit = 1 mana per tick
  • 2.5 Mp5 = 1 mana per tick
  • 6 Spirit = 1 Mp5

Raid buffed you’re going to have a Blessing of Kings, and spirit will stack with this, mp5 wont. Also remember that the Living Spirit talent (+15% spirit) will stack with Blessing of Kings. These two buffs will affect the mp5 to spirit conversion:


However, realize that mp5 does absolutely nothing for your innervate, so which is better? Mp5 or Spirit? Before we can answer that question, we need to talk about a little spell called Innervate…

Spirit vs. Mana/5 Revisited – Accounting for Innervate

Which is better? The answer to that question depends on a few conditions:

When all the math is done, here’s the conversions:


Note that we assume Innervate returns mana based on a 6-minute cooldown.

Also, note that we use the phrase “Spirit (on a piece of gear).” This means that when you compare gear you can use these conversions directly to determine which will give you more regen. For example, if you have Living Spirit, Blessing of Kings, and you’re trying to compare two pieces of gear (one with 25 spirit, and another with 10 mp5) here’s how you would do the math:

 25 Spirit / 2.46 = 10.16 mp5

Therefore the piece of gear with 25 spirit would have better regen (assuming you innervated yourself).
Here’s an example of the math behind these numbers. In this case we seek to determine the spirit to mp5 conversion if you self-Innervate and if you have Blessing of Kings (but not Living Spirit):

Regen from spirit:

 [(1 Spirit * 1.1)/4.5] x 0.30 = 0.073333 Mana/Tick
 0.073333 Mana/Tick *(5/2) = 0.183333 Mana/5
 1 Spirit = 0.183333 Mana/5

Effective Regen from Innervate:

 [(1 Spirit * 1.1)/4.5] x 50 = 12.222222 Mana/Innervate
 12.222222 Mana/Innervate / 6 Minutes / 12 = 0.169753 Mana/5
 1 Spirit = 0.169753

So adding these up:

 0.183333 Mana/5 + 0.169753 Mana/5 = 0.353086 Mana/5
 1 Spirit = 0.353086 Mana/5
 2.83 Spirit = 1 Mp5

Which Is Better?

Spirit or Mana/5? The truth is that you want a balance of both. Spirit increases the healing from your ToL Buff, and it also increases the size of your self-Innervates. However, even with self-Innervates, even with the +15% spirit talent and Blessing of Kings: Mp5 is still preferable to spirit. Now, that’s not to say that you should shun spirit all-together, no you need a good chuck of spirit too… but pound for pound, point of regen for point of regen, Mp5 is usually superior.

If you can find a piece of gear that has 2.83 times (or 2.46 times) as much spirit as Mp5, then that piece is superior. It depends on your conversion (based on spec), whether you plan to self-innervate (or if you plan to innervate others), and how much +healing you want your ToL bonus to give.

There… I hope that clears up the debate. You can argue both ways ad nauseam, but now you at least have the conversions so that you can select gear more intelligently.