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Spellpower increases the healing of each spell differently. In the table below the number in the “no talents” columns are how they scale without any talents. The full talents column is the coefficient if you have Master Shapeshifter, Gift of Nature, Improved Rejuvenation, Empowered Touch, Empowered Rejuvenation, Genesis and Tree of Life active. After some testing I concluded the following:

  • Gift of Nature and Genesis stack. They increase HoTs by 15% (1.15 coefficient) instead of 10% and 5% seperately (1.155 coefficient). They also stack with improved Rejuvenation (making the coefficient for this spell 1.3).
  • Empowered Rejuvenation affects both the final Lifebloom ticks as the initial Regrowth heal. Genesis does not affect these.
  • Master Shapeshifter, Tree of Life aura and Gift of Nature with Genesis are all multiplicative. This means: healing * 1.15 (GoN + Genesis) * 1.06 (ToL aura) * 1.04 (Master Shapeshifter).
  • Wild Growth’s extra bonus healing is divided equally over the ticks, in contrast to the base healing which heals less each tick.
Lifebloom HoT		0.666 [0.095]		1.013 [0.145]
Lifebloom Bloom		0.645			0.939
Rejuvenation		1.88  [0.376]		3.233 [0.647]
Regrowth Initial	0.537			0.781
Regrowth HoT		1.316 [0.188]		2.002 [0.286]
Nourish w/o HoT		0.671			0.814
Nourish with HoT	0.806			0.977
Healing Touch		1.611			2.439
Wild Growth		n/a			1.132 [0.162]

The numbers in brackets are the coefficients per tick (these are more important as Nature’s Splendor uses these coefficients for each tick).

1 intellect provides the following:

  • 1 intellect increases mana pool with 15 mana (16.5 with Kings). On a typical 8 minute fight this can be converted to 0.172 mp5
  • Assuming 1000 intellect and 1000 spirit, 1 intellect increases your main mana regeneration with 0.485 mp5 out of the five second rule or 0.145 mp5 in the five second rule (assuming Intensity and Kings).
  • Since Replenish works off the size of your mana pool, 16.5 (Kings) extra mana means 0.206 mp5 more through Replenishment.
  • 1 intellect also increases the chance you critically hit with spells by 0.006%.

This sums up to 0.523 mp5 and a little bit of crit chance. However, this number can change a lot based on your intellect, spirit, Replenishment uptime, duration of the encounter and time spent in the five second rule.

1 spirit provides the following (assuming Living Spirit, Intensity and Kings):

  • Assuming 1000 intellect and 1000 spirit, 1 spirit increases your main mana regeneration with 1.115 mp5 out of the five second rule or 0.335 mp5 in the five second rule.
  • If you have improved Tree of Life, 1 spirit also increases your spellpower with 0.18975.


Critical strike rating
45.91 critical strike rating increases your chance your spells critically hit by 1%.

The mana regeneration formula used:
ManaRegen(SPI, INT) = (0.001+SPI*0.005575*(INT^0.5))*5

 Haste rating
32.79 haste rating increases your haste by 1%. If you have Gift of the Earthmother, you need 19.98% haste to get to a 1 second global cooldown, or 655 haste rating. Wrath of Air totem provides 5% haste and improved Moonkin aura provides 3% haste. Here is a list of the amount of haste rating you need with these buffs:


Wrath of Air and Improved Moonkin Aura/Swift Retribution Aura (with 3/3 Celestial Focus)
0/5 GotE = ~34.7% Haste = ~1137 Haste Rating
1/5 GotE = ~29.45% =~959 Haste Rating
2/5 GotE = ~23.85% =~782 Haste Rating
3/5 GotE = ~18.48% =~606 Haste Rating
4/5 GotE = ~13.11% =~430 Haste Rating
5/5 GotE = ~7.72% =~253 Haste Rating

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MMO- Raid Set Up Comp



Gear List

Tools:  BeImba! and Warcrafter

@Elitist Jerks

Hood of Rationality (crit)
Headpiece of Reconciliation (haste)
Valorous Dreamwalker Headpiece  (regen + set)

Life-Binder’s Locket (best in slot)
Chains of Adoration (haste alternative)

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3.1 Ulduar PVE Achivments


  • The Siege of Ulduar (Defeat the bosses of The Siege area of Ulduar on Normal Difficulty.)
  • The Antechamber of Ulduar (Defeat the bosses of The Antechamber area of Ulduar on Normal Difficulty.)
  • The Keepers of Ulduar (Defeat the Keeper bosses of Ulduar on Normal Difficulty.)
  • The Descent into Madness (Defeat the bosses of The Descent into Madness area of Ulduar on Normal Difficulty.)
  • The Secrets of Ulduar (Defeat every boss in Ulduar on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Unbroken (Defeat Flame Leviathan on the first try without anyone repairing their vehicle on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Three Car Garage (Defeat Flame Leviathan while in each of the following vehicles on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Take Out Those Turrets (Destroy a Flame Leviathan Defense Turret on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Shutout (Defeat Flame Leviathan without causing a System Shutdown on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Orbital Bombardment (Defeat Flame Leviathan with 1 Orbital Defense System active on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Orbital Devastation (Defeat Flame Leviathan with 2 Orbital Defense Systems active on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Nuked from Orbit (Defeat Flame Leviathan with 3 Orbital Defense Systems active on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Orbit-uary (Defeat Flame Leviathan with 4 Orbital Defense Systems active on Normal Difficulty.)
  • A Quick Shave (Defeat Razorscale without allowing her to fly into the air more than once on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Minimal Casualties (Defeat Razorscale without any friendly NPCs dying during the fight on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare (Defeat 1000 Iron Dwarves with Razorscale’s Flame Breath within 2 seconds on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Shattered (Defeat Ignis the Furnace Master while shattering 77 Iron Constructs within 5 seconds on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Hot Pocket (Survive being thrown into Ignis the Furnace Master’s crucible on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Stokin’ the Furnace (Defeat Ignis the Furnace Master in 2 seconds on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Nerf Engineering (Defeat XT-002 Deconstructor without him recovering any health from XS-013 Scrapbots on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Nerf Scrapbots (Defeat 1000 XS-013 Scrapbots within 12 seconds using XE-321 Boombots on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Nerf Dark Bombs (Defeat XT-002 Deconstructor without any raid member dying from a Dark Bomb on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Must Deconstruct Faster (Defeat XT-002 Deconstructor in 20.5 seconds on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Heartbreaker (Defeat XT-002 Deconstructor after destroying his heart on Normal Difficulty.)
  • I Choose You, Runemaster Molgeim (Defeat the Iron Council with Runemaster Molgeim as the last member alive on Normal Difficulty.)
  • I Choose You, Stormcaller Brundir (Defeat the Iron Council with Stormcaller Brundir as the last member alive on Normal Difficulty.)
  • I Choose You, Steelbreaker (Defeat the Iron Council with Steelbreaker as the last member alive on Normal Difficulty.)
  • But I’m on Your Side (Defeat the Iron Council while under the effect of a Steel Boot Flask on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Can’t Do That While Stunned (Defeat the Iron Council without allowing Stormcaller Brundir to cast Chain Lightning or Lightning Whirl on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Overload Overlord (Defeat the Iron Council without any raid member being struck by Overload on Normal Difficulty.)
  • With Open Arms (Defeat Kologarn without destroying either of his arms on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Disarmed (Destroy both of Kologarn’s arms within 12 seconds and then defeat Kologarn on Normal Difficulty.)
  • If Looks Could Kill (Defeat Kologarn without any raid member being hit by Focused Eye Beams on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Rubble and Roll (Defeat Kologarn with 6000 Rubble creatures alive on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Cheese the Freeze (Defeat Hodir without any raid member being hit by Flash Freeze on Normal Difficulty.)
  • I Have the Coolest Friends (Defeat Hodir without any friendly NPC dying on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Getting Cold in Here (Defeat Hodir without any raid member having more than 3 stacks of Biting Cold on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Staying Buffed All Winter (Possess the effects of Toasty Fire, Storm Power and Starlight at the same time on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Don’t Stand in the Lightning (Defeat Thorim without being affected by Lightning Charge on Normal Difficulty.)
  • I’ll Take You All On (Defeat Thorim, the Ancient Rune Giant and the Rune Colossus on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Who Needs Bloodlust? (Defeat Thorim while under the effect of Aura of Celerity on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Siffed (Force Thorim to enter the arena and defeat him while Sif is present on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Lumberjacked (Defeat Elder Brightleaf, Elder Ironbranch and Elder Stonebark within 2 seconds of each other on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Con-speed-atory (Defeat Freya within 2 minutes of engaging a creature in the Conservatory of Life on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Deforestation (Defeat 2 Ancient Water Spirits, 2 Storm Lashers and 2 Snaplashers within 120 seconds on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Getting Back to Nature (Defeat Freya while she is affected by Attuned to Nature on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Mind the Mines (Defeat Mimiron without anyone in the raid triggering a Proximity Mine on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Strike Out (Defeat Mimiron without anyone in the raid being hit by a Rocket Strike on Normal Difficulty.)
  • A-bomb-inable (Defeat Mimiron without anyone in the raid being hit by a Bomb Bot on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Set Up Us the Bomb (Complete the following Mimiron achievements on Normal Difficulty.)
  • I’ll Form the Head! (Force Mimiron to combine the parts of his greatest creation within 20 minutes on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Shadowdodger (Defeat General Vezax without any raid member being hit by Shadow Crash on Normal Difficulty.)
  • I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning (Defeat General Vezax without being affected by Saronite Vapors on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Never Stand Near the Faceless Dude (Defeat General Vezax without allowing him to regain health from Mark of the Faceless on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Crazy Cat Lady (Defeat Auriaya while doing something cool on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Supermassive (Defeat Algalon the Observer while destroying 4 Black Holes within 10 seconds on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Observed (Defeat Algalon the Observer on Normal Difficulty.)
  • He Feeds On Your Tears (Defeat Algalon the Observer without any raid member dying on Normal Difficulty.)
  • She’s Not Bad for an Old God (/Kiss Sara in Ulduar on Normal Difficulty.)
  • Drive Me Crazy (Defeat Yogg-Saron without any raid member going insane on Normal Difficulty.)
  • He’s Not Getting Any Older (Defeat Yogg-Saron within 22 minutes on Normal Difficulty.)
  • They’re Coming Out of the Walls (Defeat 200 Guardians of Yogg-Saron within 12 seconds on Normal Difficulty.)
  • In His House He Waits Dreaming (Experience all 5 visions of Yogg-Saron’s mind on Normal Difficulty.)
  • The Undying, Part Two (Within one raid lockout period, defeat every boss in Ulduar on Normal Difficulty without allowing any raid member to die during any of the boss encounters.)