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MMO- Raid Set Up Comp




Gear List

Tools:  BeImba! and Warcrafter

@Elitist Jerks

Hood of Rationality (crit)
Headpiece of Reconciliation (haste)
Valorous Dreamwalker Headpiece  (regen + set)

Life-Binder’s Locket (best in slot)
Chains of Adoration (haste alternative)

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Arcanum of Blissful Mending +30 spell power, +8 mana/5
Arcanum of Burning Mysteries +30 spell power, +20 crit

Greater Inscription of the Crag +24 spell power, +6 mana/5
Greater Inscription of the Storm +24 spell power, +15 crit

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Blue Socket Purified (SP/Spi): Purified Twilight Opal

Red Socket Runed(SP): Runed Scarlet Ruby

Yellow Socket 

Reckless(SP/Haste): Reckless Monarch Topaz

Luminous(SP/Int): Luminous Monarch Topaz 

Reckless(SP/Haste): Reckless Monarch Topaz

Meta Socket 

Ember Skyflare(SP/Int): Ember Skyflare Diamond
Bracing (SP/Reduced Threat): Bracing Earthsiege Diamond
Insightful(Int/Mana Return): Insightful Earthsiege Diamond


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New Glyphs

[Glyph of Wild Growth]‘Wild Growth now affects up to 6 targets.’

[Glyph of Nourish]‘Your Nourish heals an additional 6% for each of your heal over time effects present on the target.’

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Runic Mana Injector Restores 4240 mana



 Powerful Rejuvenation Potion Restores 2475 m and h



INV_Alchemy_Elixir_02.png Runic Mana Potion Restores 4240 mana.   

INV_Alchemy_Elixir_05.png Runic Healing Potion Restores 2700 health.

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The following section is heavily influenced by two threads in the WoW EU forums:
Macro thread in the Druid forums (credit to Beirras):
General macro thread in the Interface forums (credit to Athinira):
For general macro resources WoWiki has a section on macros:

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acaciaizm  @mahina

Restoration Tree

 Talent Calculator



  • Note: Soloing for this section is primarily concerned with Balance and Feral specced druids investing a few points here, as it is generally not the best idea at all to solo as a Restoration druid.

 Improved Mark of the Wild Improved Mark of the Wild

2 points: Increases the effects of your Mark of the Wild and Gift of the Wild spells by 40%.

    • Solo Utility: Nothing special other than increasing the effects of your buff.
    • Raid Utility: Increases the stat and armor bonus for all raid members.
    • PVP Utility: Nothing special other than increasing the effects of your buff.
  • Bottom Line: For a restoration build, it’s a must have since it’s not a bad talent, and for a pure restoration build you will not use Furor, so you’ll have to spend the points to get to the next tier.

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Wild Growth


“smart” heal – heals up to 5 targets within 15 yards of the druid’s current target who have the lowest health percentages.

Heals 5 targets total, the target counts as one. If there are not 5 targets in range below 100% health, the HoT will land randomly on players will full health.

 Testing shows each HoT tick receiving approximately 18%, 17%, 15%, 14%, 13%, 12%, and 11% of the total healing, respectively.

Talent Improvement

Empowered Rejuvenation, at max rank, increases the spell power coefficient from 80.57% to 96.68%.

Gift of Nature increases the healing done by 10% at max rank.

Gift of the Earthmother reduces the GCD by 20% at max rank, down to 1.25 seconds.

Tree of Life Form increases the healing received by 6% and reduces the mana cost by 20%

Genesis increases the healing done by 5% at max rank.


More on Wild Growth

I just had a discussion with a guildie (a wonderful fellow resto druid) about this, who helped me really understand the mechanics here. I thought I might clear this up for everyone (although I’m pretty sure I was the only one confused in the first place. Bah).

Let’s first look at the tooltip:

Wild Growth

1. Heals up to 5 party OR raid members. So, pretty much anyone. We’re all one big happy family.
2. 40 yard range. Just like a normal spell.
3. Within 15 yards of THE TARGET.

Wild Growth affects people who are 15 yards around the person whom you cast it on, not 15 yards from you. So it’s not as though the spell has a range of 15 yards – you can use it up to 40 yards away. The range in which it will “spread” to five people total is 15 yards from your target.

Scenario 1: You have a group of people all around you, and one person 35 yards away from you. You put WG on that one person. It ticks on them and only them, even if that person is at full health, because there’s no one else within 15 yards of them to have it tick on.

Scenario 2: You have a group of 5 people 35 yards from you, no one else is around. You put a WG on one of them. It ticks on all of them regardless of their health at that moment, because there are only 5 in the group.

Scenario 3: You have a group of 10 people all bunched up, 35 yards away. 4 are at 50% health, 6 are at full health. You put a WG on someone – it will hit the 4 people with 50% health, and randomly select one of the people with full health as the fifth.

Scenario 4: You have a full raid, 25 people, all closely grouped around you. Everyone has full health. You put a WG on someone. It will randomly select 5 people from the 25 (and not necessarily select your target) to WG.

Scenario 5: You have 2 tanks and 5 melee bunched up, 35 yards away. Both tanks have full health, but are about to take some damage. The melee all have 80% health. You put a WG on one of the tanks to pre-HoT him in anticipation of incoming damage. The tank will NOT receive the WG, and instead it will go to the 5 melee with 80% health.

Get it?
I know I do.


To be honest, I wish it was a party heal. I understand that a smart heal, in most cases, is preferable. Consider this: Everyone is grouped up (think Thaddius). One person in each party takes 50% damage. WG on one of them and BAM all 5 are being healed. It makes sense, it’s awesome. It’s also moron-proof, and I hate that. It would honestly be more fun if one person in each group took 50% damage and you have to think “oh crap, I can’t use WG, how do I go about healing everyone as efficiently as possible?” Instead of just hitting “4”, you would have to *think*. Hey, back when I thought WG was a party heal, it was fun to judge how many people in a particular party had taken damage, and was it enough damage and/or enough people taking that damage for me to warrant a WG (Yes, you can laugh at me. Yes, I’ve been healing like this for the past like, 6 raids. BUT. HEY. I’ve been at or close to the top of most healing charts, so it’s not – ok, ok fine. Keep laughing. I know. I deserve it).

The other problem is that you can never pre-hot a particular group. Prehotting (especially with Wild Growth) is awesome on, say, Maexxna (right before the web wrap), and Gluth (right before decimate). I mean, ok – you *can* prehot a group, but it’s only going to hit that group if the group already has a lot of damage. If you want to prehot a group that is at full health, it will only work if they are in the exact position to guarantee that. Which rarely happens.

This makes WG (as my guildmate put it)a very REACTIONARY HoT. Every single other HoT druids have can be used preemptively, but WG cannot. Just something to keep in mind, and QQ about during Maexxna. ^^


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