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Global cooldown


To check your current Global Cooldown use the Following Macro:
A global or universal cooldown, frequently shortened to “GCD”, is the cooldown which starts every time you start to cast a spell, and it affects all of your class spells. There are exceptions to this, however, as noted below. The basic rule of thumb is that if the spell affects the casting of the next spell, it will not activate the global cooldown.
If the spell has a casting time less than the global cooldown (or instant cast), you generally have to wait the remainder of the global cooldown. If a spell with casting time is interrupted before it has finished casting, the global cooldown will be canceled, meaning you can start casting a new one immediately.
The global cooldown is generally 1.5 seconds for all classes except rogues and cat form druids, whose abilities are mostly one second global cooldown. Shaman totems also only trigger a one second global cooldown. The global cooldown affects the wait for the next ability, so using an item or ability with the standard 1.5 second cooldown will require waiting that long before a 1 second global cooldown ability can be used.




/cast Lifebloom
/script local start, duration, enable = GetActionCooldown(4);DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(duration);



 Spell Queuing, GCD testing (on 3.09)

TLDR: It looks to me as if spell queue-ing will take cast attempts up to about 0.3s early. This will work in the GCD, but will not work during the first 1.0s of the GCD.

I did some timing tests on a dummy in Stormwind, to start to get some quantitative values for 1s Wrath. Times are rounded to tenths of seconds.

First SF. My tooltip read 2.74 seconds. Nature’s Grace cast time is about 2.3s. The columns show different times, such as 2.7 for 2.7s, the expected cast time.

The rows are:

Cast: Time from one start-cast to the next.

Dam: Time from when start-cast to damage reported. I include this row just because it should be independent of any skill on my part. Any variance is due to Blizz, my computer, or my network.

Fail: Time stamps (relative to the previous start-cast) at which I got “Another action is in progress” message.

The last three rows are the same, except with Nature’s Grace.

The internal cells show counts. For instance, there were eight sF casts which began 2.8s after the previous SF cast.

SF	Expected: 2.7, 2.3 NG
Time	1.1	1.2	1.3	1.4	1.5	1.6	1.7	1.8	1.9	2.0	2.1	2.2	2.3	2.4	2.5	2.6	2.7	2.8	2.9	3.0	3.1	3.2	3.3	3.4	3.5	3.6	3.7	3.8
Cast														1	2	4	7	8	4	2	1		1			1
Dam																1	1	1	8	4	5	3	3	2				1
Fail	1				2	1		1	2	2	2	3	2					1
NG Cast											1	2	3	1
NG Dam												1		1	1	1	2
NG Fail						1	2		1	1

My intended casting style is to triple-tap my SF button (middle finger), beginning a bit before my cast bar reaches the red on Ice HUD.


22/31 non-crit casts started pretty much on time (at most 0.1s late). Obviously it is possible to chain-cast SF. All of the NG casts started on time.

Damage tends to be reported, on average, 0.1s or 0.2s after spells are completed. There may actually be a vertical travel-time on SF. Also, the damage times were very inconsistent.

The “Another action is in progress” message can occur anywhere from about 1s after the previous cast begins to about 0.3s before the previous cast finishes.

For IS I did about the same thing. However I spent part of the time spamming the button rather than doing the triple-tap. The “fail” messages I got for IS (and for Wrath) were “Not yet ready.” Tooltip time for Wrath was 1.37s, which should also be my GCD.

IS	1.4
Time	0.0	0.1	0.2	0.3	0.4	0.5	0.6	0.7	0.8	0.9	1	1.1	1.2	1.3	1.4	1.5	1.6	1.7	1.8
Cast													2	5	20	8	8	5	1
NR	1	8	7	5	10	3	5	3	5	1	1

35/49 casts started on time (or at most 0.1s late). Not-Ready messages occured from 0.0s to 1.0s. Apparently key-presses after 1.0s were successfully queued.

For Wrath, I went back to the triple-tap tactic. I got “Not ready” messages during Nature’s Grace. No “Fail” messages otherwise.

Wrath	1.4	1
Time	0.8	0.9	1	1.1	1.2	1.3	1.4	1.5	1.6	1.7	1.8
Cast					2	1	8	7	5	1
NG Cast			1	1		2	1	2			1
NG NR	1	1	1	1

Non-crit Wrath seemed to do well. 18/24 were “on time.”
NG Wrath results are ugly. Out of eight casts, only 2 were “on time.” I also managed to get two “late” Not-Ready messages (at 1.0s and 1.1s). The WrathCalcs 1.4s cast time for NG Wrath is just about right for me on these results.

Note: My Wrath cast uses my pinky finger (I use an n52, Wrath is at the position that would be ‘A’ on a QWERTY keyboard, with pointer finger at ‘F’). I suppose it is possible that “keyboard ergonomics” make me do worse on Wrath. The fact that non-NG Wrath did ok, leads me to believe that is not really an issue. My main raid spell bindings (by position): ‘A’=Wr, ‘S’=SF, ‘D’=MF, ‘F’=IS.

Other Theorycraft topics:
Nuke Base Damage

I did a respec and checked. At 80, untalented Wrath does (tooltip) 557-627, 4 more than when it was learned at 79. Untalented SF does 1038-1222, 10 more than when it was learned at 78. Note: I say untalented. I was 5/0/13 when I remembered to look. I did not have Moonfury at this point.

Omen of Clarity

In the tests above there were 3 OoC from SF, 3 from IS, and 1 from Wrath. I continue to see numbers that are a better fit for 6% (likely 3.5/60 = 5.83%) rather than 3.5 PPM.

 by Erdluf


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